Friday, May 31, 2013

Lets Go Shopping Together :)

Hello lovelies!

I hope everyone had a great week!

I wanted to share with you a mint sweater I currently have on sale at

Its a mint/turquoise off the shoulder sweater from Old Navy. It has bit of a mesh/textured quality to the fabric. Its the perfect sweater to pair with a dark skinny jeans and then boots for  chilly fall day!

Also check out this beautiful leather skirt also from Socialbliss's Market place.

Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: Designer Edition Part 1

As I've mentioned in my post from yesterday, Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly Sale!

Which means even their designer collection is ON SALE!!! Sadly I don't have thousands of dollars lying around to go shopping but here is a start of my wish list of what I would buy if I was a rich girl.

If you've noticed I like the classic, no frills style. But I am in my 20s, I do want something still fun and whimsical. That is why I'm in LOVE with this Herve Leger Scalloped A-Line Dress! Its light navy blue or blue sapphire as the company calls it and it has a beautiful scalloped design! The dress ends couple of inches above the knees- but seems long enough to go past your fingertips- as someone whose more on the shorter side and who has longer legs compared to her torso if my dress goes past my knees I look awkward. The original price is $1690 but its currently 40% off and $1014!
Photo from

I love cardigans, I love lace, I'm loving the floral design that's been making a comeback recently annnnnd I LOVE Valentino. This cardigan is EVERYTHING!!! The original price is $2,200 but its currently 40% off and is $1320. Although I would like some more bright colors for the flowers, the neutral colors makes the cardigan more versatile. 

Photo from

I've been wanting a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes for quite some time now- but I've found that their shoes aren't the most comfortable- I like being able to walk fast and I like heels that either 1) have a thick heel or 2) are mary janes- I like having that extra support. BUT I do like things that glitter and this Jimmy Choo "Reese" clutch is perfection! The original price is $625 but its 40% off and is $375. 

So although I just told you I like heels that either have a  thick heel or are mary janes- I JUST HAVE TO share with you this beautiful pointed toe heel from Prada in pink! The original price is $650 but its 40% off and is $390. 

What are your favorite picks from Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale?


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

UPDATE on DIY Hair Mask

Bon giorno Beauty Lovers! :)

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

I just saw that my DIY Home Made Mask  happens to have the most page view!

I stumbled across this homemade mask after browsing on and came across several at home spa treatments . According to other Socialbliss users un-petroloeum jelly  and sugar is a great sugar scrub! I'm sure you can just use vaseline (which does have petroleum in it, if you don't have any un-petroleum jelly. From the research I've done vaseline or petroleum jelly is not harmful for your health- of course its not something you should be digesting enormous quantities on a daily basis). 

Anyway I just wanted to report back to you all that I've been continuing the mask at least twice a month and my hair looks great! I should admit that I've been skimping on the honey recently as my honey has gotten a bit old and has started to harden :P But just olive oil itself does wonder to your hair!

 Before I used the mask my hair was frizzy easily and would be impossible to brush with a comb. But its silky to the touch and even my employer compliments my hair :)

Do make sure to shampoo your hair EXTREMELY well after the mask or your hair will stay oily for rest of the day.

Half Yearly Sale at Nordstroms!

Hello Lovely Blogger Readers!

I hope everyone is getting back in the swing after the looooonnngggg weekend.

Guess what time it is right now?!

It's Half Yearly Sale at Nordstroms!!!!!

Growing up in Seattle, I've always been a fan of Nordys. From my experience their sales associates are always amazzziinnnng and very attentive. Of course just as in any company I've had some hit/misses but I've never had any negative experience.

If anyone lives in the Seattle area and is looking for a designer handbag- let me know! I would LOOOVVEE to introduce you to my favorite sales associate in the designer handbag department. I'm even on a "face to face" basis with the manager of at the Bellevue designer handbag department. Yes, I might have a "window shopping problem" :P 

So throughout the Half Yearly Sale at Nordys I would LOVE to share with you some of my top picks!


Although I love the freedom that jeans and pants gives a girl, I do like to wear dresses. Theres something feminine and whimsical about wearing a colorful dress and pairing it with strappy sandals. I've been wanting to purchase a laced dress FOREVER and I want to add coral to my wardrobe.

Photo from

Adrianna Papell's Lace Fit and Flare Dress is 45% off! The original price is $218 but its now $119!!!! 
I'm loving how the floral lace designs are more larger than usual laced dresses. The dress also comes in white! This dress would be perfect for a wedding or you can wear it casually by pairing it with a black motorcycle jacket or even a denim jacket! 

I've been wanting a pair of glitter pumps for quite a while. I tried on Jimmy Choos and they were the perfect fit. But as someone who lives in flats, spending over $500 in a pair of heels (at most) I might wear once a month doesn't seem like the brightest idea. 

Photo from
Meet Ivanka Trump's "Kayden" pump. It's currently 33% off, the original price is $130 but during Nordstrom's sale you can purchase it for $87! Glitter pumps are a perfect way to add some glam to any outfit and are pretty multifunctional since what outfit doesn't look more fab with some sparkle? ;) 

I rely on my phone as my "watch". I know I should purchase a watch but there's never really a time when I'm away from my phone (or else I panic that I've left it somewhere). However it is a bit rude to keep your phone out while you're out for lunch with a friend or when you're talking with a professor during office hours or when you're at Starbucks and "accidentally" bump into the handsome guy from your physics class. 
Photo from
Meet Skagen's "Mesh" Faceted Glass Bezel Watch. The watch is stainless steel but its dipped in gold. And has mother of pearl in the middle decorated with Austrian crystal. Its currently 40% off the original price of $140 and only costs $83.98! The mesh design adds a new dimension to the watch, the minimal crystals adds just the right amount of glam and the mother of pearl is the epitome of sophistication! The watch would be a perfect addition to any wardrobe! 

Check back again sooooon when I'll continue to share with you my favorite picks from Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome to the HAUTE place for Fashion

Hi everyone!

My biggest apologies for not blogging recently.

I wanted to let everyone know about an amazing site that all you fashionistas need to check out!

Its a great place where users can "haute", "spot"and comment on fashion and the like!

Socialbliss also recently deployed their own Marketplace, where you can sell items from your own closet!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go!

So as I mentioned in a previous post I'm a coffee addict!

I don't usually drink coffee at home, I'm mainly drink tea at home, but when I do drink coffee at home (which maybe I should do more often and thus save money….) I save the coffee grounds to make….


It's simple, it's easy and so much more budget friendly compared to the $12 to at times $30 coffee scrub you can buy at the stores!

There are several recipes out there online

DIY Cinnamon Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe
   This one includes cinnamon, honey, sugar and coconut oil.

DIY Cellulite Scrub
   This one is a mix between brown sugar and sea salt, along with almond oil or olive oil. This website also really tries to sell the fact that since coffee beans have caffeine in it- the scrub would fight off cellulite. I'm not sure how true of a statement it is though….

But the DIY recipe I used to make my own coffee scrub was

DIY Cellulite Fighting Scrub
Again this site really tries to sell the fact that coffee since its with caffeine would help with cellulite- but does it really? I'm a bit skeptical BUT the coffee grounds (alone with the sugar) is a great exfoliant and would help get rid of dead skin) and the oil would help moisturize your skin.

Its just 3 simple ingredients- coffee grounds, sugar and oil (I used olive oil, but coconut oil or almond oil would work great as well :) ).

For my recipe I also added peppermint oil- to give a great tingly effect! I've also read several recipes where they use vanilla extract.

Its a great and easy scrub to give you that extra pep when you shower! I should warn you that the coffee ground does get messy in the shower and will leave a "looks like you just showered in mud" look if you don't wash it off. But the coffee grounds didn't leave any mark on my tub nor did it clog my shower.

Also on PETA 
They have this recipe minus the sugar- so just the coffee ground and the olive oil as a DIY facial scrub. I haven't made it yet- but I wouldn't mind using it on my face either- I'm sure it would smell great and be a great pick me up in the morning!

What kind of extract/essential oil would you use for your DIY coffee scrub?

How do you reuse your coffee grounds?


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lush Your Feet in…LUSH!

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I was having really bad heel pain in my right foot and I started to look for a foot lotion to moisturize my sore tired feet.

I've always been interested in the company, LUSH- they are against animal testing, everything is fresh and handmade. But I've always been put off by the fact that a boy I had a thing for- his girlfriend used Lush products so eh- bad association :P 

But the mall I really like has a LUSH store and so I decided to check it out to see what they had to offer!

BTW the SA's of LUSH are great! They listen to your concerns and they really take their time with you- its great! Also they have a  "hand wash" area so you can actually try their products.

So after I told them about my concern about my feet they recommended- their Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Fair Trade Foot Lotion
The color reminds me of Pepto-Bismal- but let me tell you its a great product! It doesn't leave a tingly feeling on my feet (as I really want) but it still has both peppermint and spearmint oil. The lotion also contains arnica which helps with discomfort and pain. Arnica is a type of plant that belongs to the sunflower family. It supposedly helps with swelling and pain.

I asked for a sample and the SA was more than willing to give me a sample to use at home.

So did I end up purchasing it?

No…and why?

1) I'm not the biggest fan of the smell of the lotion- its not just a minty smell…not sure how to explain it other than it reminds me of smelling my grandfather's medicine cabinet. Not that bad- but not something I want to be smelling at the end of the day.

2) It is expensive- about $24 for 7.9 oz. A little goes a long way, but at the end I really want a lotion that actually feels tingly when I put it on my feet. It does feel tingly on my arms and what not- but its my feet that needs the lovin'.
         I should add that Burt's Bees Foot Cream (which I haven't tried yet, but plan to) costs about $9 a bottle for about 3.38oz so if you compare it to that, I guess Lush's Foot Lotion is thaaaaaaaaaaaat expensive.

How do you take care of your tired feet?
What is your favorite foot cream?